Control Panel

A unique and intuitive control board is displayed for you to smoothly operate while you’re in the classroom.

Curated Assets

Flashcards, images, and audios conveniently accessed, displayed, and implemented into any lesson plan.

Custom Tools

Modern design tools that focus on the needs of an online teacher in a virtual classroom.

Easy to use

All the essentials you need to effectively and effortlessly conduct your class, without the headache.

We create visuals, auditory digital assets, and learning materials such as games and props to overlay your video feed. Access and manage all of the items from the desktop app and view the reaction on your live video webcam platform.

Engage your students with fun reward games that match a lesson topic, a celebration, an animal, or even taco Tuesday! The rewards are perfect for lesson and classroom gamification. Positively reinforce your student’s interest in the educational material and make each learning experience something to look forward to.

Our ongoing curation of digital props and assets is intended to provide you with high-quality, relevant images, and audios at your finger’s click. Seamlessly incorporate visuals and audios assets to animate and personalize your lessons. Play and/or show images and sounds to extend on lesson topics and encourage/prompt more verbal output from your student.

Use audio files to stimulate your student’s imagination and expand on the context and concepts of your lessons. Digital assets paired with audio can be used as a highly effective tool to enhance and provide an active learning experience.

Simultaneously access and control all your overlaying assets in one place. Manage up to three or four items in a single classroom at a time. Create multiple classrooms as needed and add the items you need for each classroom.

Additional Feature Lists:

Reward games

Enhance your students' learning experience with multiple reward games. Each game has a different theme.

Funny Faces

Excite students with various face filters that will create a fun break in the lesson.

Flashcards with Audio

Easily show flashcards of various types along with their sounds. Flashcards are organized categorically; you can always search by tags and keywords.

Funny Voices

Earn lots of laughs from your students by changing your voice to different characters.

Video and Audio Media player

Entertainment at the press of a button! Upload any video or audio file directly from your computer and display it in your camera frame.

Green Screen

Expand the limits of your screen by adding interesting background images. Upload and adjust your background image to your liking.

Image Uploader

Engaging images added to your screen; Upload and position pictures in your camera frame.

Advance Text

Ensure that students can see and spell the words they are saying by displaying creative text overlay in your camera frame.

Sound Generator

Energize any lesson with a funny voice-over. Create different noises and sound effects to animated your lessons.

Simple Video Effects

Effects that will amaze and keep the teacher as the focus of attention:
- Sketch
- Sepia
- Invert
- Smooth
- Blur

Digital Store

Download, organize and customize your webcam assets and plugins based on your needs. Our digital store is where you’ll be able to access a plethora of new reward games, assets, and webcam tools. All designed for your convenience.

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