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Enhance your student’s virtual learning experience by bringing your online classroom to life with camSKOOL.

It’s fun, easy, and interactive.

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Three Keys to Your Success Using camSKOOL


Keep your students engaged through gamification designed to pique their interest and keep their focus.


Incorporate digital assets that encourage your student's intuitive responses to draw out more verbal output during your lessons.


Use specialized tools, plugins, and devices to have more fun with your students and amplify your teaching style.

Easily create interactive virtual learning experiences

Access a vast library of digital reward games, themed animations, audios, creative props, and customized creative tools to engage your students.

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How it works

1. Download

Download the Desktop App and follow the installation process.

2. Video

Select camSKOOL in settings on all your video-capable platforms.

3. Audio

Select camSKOOL as your audio source for the maximum experience.

4. Fun

Start the app when you are on your video-sharing platform.

Use camSKOOL built-in features to bring your classroom to life on any live videoing platform.

Seamlessly access and control the assets you want to display on your live video platform directly from the app on your computer.

Built-in Reward System

We create unique reward games to match your lessons. Students are motivated to engage in lessons when they are rewarded for their hard work. With camSKOOL, you can access our library of reward game systems that your students will love.

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Our team of dedicated designers, illustrators, and artists are inspired to deliver high-quality animated games to keep your students engaged throughout the lesson. We create animated reward games that complement holidays, celebrations, and many different themed lessons.  CamSKOOL theme-based reward system means you can have new rewards based on your lessons, places, animals, holidays, or cultures. You and your student will never be bored with new rewards to try each lesson. 
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Digital Props and Assets

Make your lessons more active by implementing sounds, images, and other digital props relevant to your lesson topic to elicit more responses from your students. Focus on creating a one-of-a-kind online learning experience that your student will appreciate.

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We design and organize a digital catalog of flashcards, images, and active animations for you to implement into your virtual classroom lessons. With camSKOOL, you can easily access and control all your digital props right from the desktop app.  Search by tags or keywords to expand and extend on your topic or context.
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Webcam plugins and devices

Use customized tools and apps designed for online teachers. Take your virtual classroom to the next level of enhanced e-learning by utilizing customized tools created just for you!
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As an online teacher, you need tools that are specific to your needs on a virtual platform. That’s why we use application program interfaces (APIs) and algorithms to build aids and tools that will expand the limitations of your virtual classroom and educational experience. 

The most dynamic toolkit for online teachers.

User reviews

What people say?

Great news!!! You can add the teaching platform PREPLY to CamSkool! It worked perfectly on their system and my student loved it!
Online teacher
Royce Mason-Deese
Freelance Online teacher
I teach online and was looking for other ways to engage my students. I always loved games in the physical classroom, so I tried out CamSkool. My students loved it! They wanted to see the basketball shoot and earn their points.
Ms. Bri
Ms. Bri
Online teacher
As an independent teacher, I am always looking for fun ways to keep my students engaged throughout the lesson. CamSKOOL is a simple way to add really fun rewards and my students love them! It integrated seamlessly with my teaching software too.
Brian Peel
Independent Online Teacher

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